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Maizel Ann V. Ontanillas
Culinary Arts Intensive - 9

This world has many heroes, most of it we know by name. They give their best at what they do, so they deserve their fame. But among all those heroes this world has ever had, there are two more people that we can’t forget to mention and that is our mom and dad, mama and papa, nanay and tatay, ermats and erpats and whatever we may call them, when we hear the word HERO and the great things they have done, it will always remind us of our parents because they are our greatest one.

Thinking back on all of the times we have let you down, those wrong turns and bad decisions that we had, it would be no surprise if we have those seats empty, and yet you guys are still here, with great big smiles and looking so proud of what we, your children, have achieved. You were right beside us, lifting our heads up on times that we are down. You scolded us on times that we needed to be scolded and we totally understand that you only did that because you only want what’s best for us. Your sacrifices to raise us to who we are now, faithful prayers and a lot of patience gave us stepping stones to reach our goals. You saw us as who we were to become and did not limit us to just what could have been. You guys supported us as we open our wings so we can fly and reach our dreams. You, our parents, invested in us – financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and in every way that you can pour yourselves to us. Your love for us is truly immeasurable and we will be forever grateful for your love.

I can still remember when I am still a baby, my mother can’t figure out why I kept on crying despite giving every attention I needed, very worried she approached my father and told him about my situation, as my father, he is also worried about why I won’t stop on crying, so they both decided to bring to the nearest hospital, before civilization is still not as high tech as now, my father have to fill up gas in our old car through blowing the pump up and transfer it to the gas tank as the gas reaches almost top of the hose and because of my nonstop crying, my father panicked and accidentally drank gasoline, imagine my father drinking gasoline just because of his crying child who just wants to be cradled to sleep? To my father, thank you so much for being my father, I am blessed to have you in my life ‘tay, thank you for all the sacrifices you have given to our family, we may not talk that much as I am growing and I may not tell you this often, but let me have this opportunity to tell you this in front of all the people here, you will always be my number one superhero tatay, thank you for everything, I Love You.

And every superhero needs a partner right? Way back my younger years, I will never forget that moments me and my mother had every summer, in our little bahay kubo in Don Carlos, Bukidnon, my supermom would teach me basic things that I needed to learn like washing dishes, cleaning and most of all our bonding during cooking time – I guess from there on, I had this inspiration in me to proceed Culinary. We may argue at times, and I can be so demanding yet your patience and understanding for me is still 100 and 10 percent, I failed many times at my subjects in Nursing School but still you and tatay supported me and even told me as I am losing hope in graduating nursing “retake lang gud sa subject nak, di bitaw na mudagan and skwelahan, ang importante makahuman ka kay mao ragyud na among maipa-mana sa imoha” I kept those words on my mind that I shouldn’t give up that easy because even my parents won’t give on me and who would have known, I can finish two courses in my lifetime? Because I was inspired to aim high in life. To my superhero mother, Thank you for bearing the pain of child birth and bringing me up in this world and thank you for your endless support to me and my dreams. I Love you Nanay.

And to all the parents here; thank you for guiding us, training us and shaping us to what we have become now. Your seeds of encouragement have been planted and grown. Thank you for your consistent faithfulness to us. As we close this door and open another, a big thank you for all your hard work, discipline and love. Your prayers and presence in our lives made us of what we are now, ACHIEVERS. And we salute you, our mighty and wonderful heroes, our mother and father.

Thank you and Good Afternoon!