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Chef Maribel candidly admitted that she barely knew how to cook at first but she eventually honed her skills after formal studies at CIC. Her experience in the Institute serves as an inspiring story to student chefs who don’t have any culinary background. Then after graduating at CIC, she set up her very own business, having as her partner, Chef Hasset Go. Chef Maribel shares her experiences and words of encouragement to aspiring student chefs.

Are you currently employed? Where? How long have you been working?
I put up my own business, Dessert Strip, and it’s turning 3 years.

Who helped you find your previous work? And now your own business?
Chef Hasset Go (CIC Chef Instructor), who is my mentor and my business partner, helped me contrive Dessert Strip.

Why did you enrol in CIC? What have you learned in CIC?
I enrolled in CIC to be able to learn how to cook. Aside from that, I’ve learned a lot of terminologies and techniques in cooking but most of all, I’ve learned the virtue of patience and friendship.

What’s the best thing about being a Chef? And the Worst?
It’s music to my ears, having the title of a “Chef” but it’s worst when it’s not being practiced because of the lack of exposure and of hands on experiences.


What is your favourite food?
Favourite food are steak and pasta.

If you did not become a Chef, what do you think would have been your career?
If I’m not a Chef, I’d still see myself in the food business with my Accounting Major Degree.

How would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered as a generous and simple person who didn’t know how to cook at first, but learned along the way.

What best advice did you get from your CIC Chef Instructor(s)?
To simply fulfill your passion.

Have you developed values of hard work and diligence?
Yes, I always have these (hard work and diligence) within me.

Did you get along with your co-workers? Employees?
Yes, I get along with them very well.


Were you able to apply in your work the KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude) learning methods that you’ve learned from CIC?
Yes, I was able to apply the KSA.

What advice would you like to share to aspiring chefs?
What’s in a name? A title added to your name is very important especially to us Filipinos who always criticize. For those aspiring chefs, it’s through one’s experience which molds you into becoming one. Strive hard, experiment, discover and understand the science in cooking and make your dreams come true by putting your heart into what you love doing the most.

Visit Dessert Strip! It’s located at the following branches:

  • 3rd Floor, Centrio Ayala Mall, CDO
  • 2nd Level, Robinsons Mall, CDO
  • Lobby, Xentro Hotel, Corrales Ave., CDO