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Chef Jerico Chua

Chef Instructor

Chef Jerico Chua

A traveler , photographer, entrepreneur, audiophile, toy collector, educator and a chef. So many hobbies, interests and passions, unwilling to settle on doing just one thing that is Chef Jec.

A Graduate of Nutrition and Dietetics, Chef Jec’s interest in food began in his early years in the University.  His course gave him a strong foundation when it comes to food and nutrition. After years of counting calories, diet modification, food science and research, opportunity came and he decided to pursue his passion and decided to study Culinary Arts.

Equipped with his background in food and nutrition, it became an advantage for him to achieve his goals and dreams. Graduated at Center for Culinary Arts, Manila with the highest honor of the entire batch and top of his class. Chef Jec was given the Chef’s Award, Director’s Award and the prestigious President’s Award of the graduating batch.

Spending most of his life living and traveling to different cities abroad, tasted the best cuisines of each city gave him an edge when it comes to teaching Culinary Arts and International Cuisine. He believes that you cannot learn everything from books or school, travel can be your greatest teacher in life.

Wearing too many hats with having a lot of different work responsibilities, can be difficult.  From food service to construction work, yet he still manages to spend a few days in a week as an Educator.

Areas of Practice

  • Culinary Instructor
  • College professor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Food service consultant
  • Food production and operations director/consultant
  • Restaurant, kitchen design and layout consultant


  • Diploma in Culinary Arts and Technology Management, Center for Culinary Arts, Manila 2000-2002
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Santo Tomas, 1998


  • 2011-2013, Top Ranked Faculty Award
    National University, College of Hospitality Management
  • 2002, Gold Medal - Market Basket Classical Live Cooking
    Chefs on Parade 2002
  • 2002, President’s Award
    Center for Culinary Arts, Manila
  • 2002, Chef’s Award
    Center for Culinary Arts, Manila
  • 2002, Director’s Award
    Center for Culinary Arts, Manila
  • 2000-2002, Subject Excellence Award
    Center for Culinary Arts, Manila

Seminars, certificates and workshops

  • Entrepreneurial Finance Course
    Asian Institute of Management. 2005
  • Quartet Training program for English
    The Council of Hotel and Restaurant educators of the Philippines- 2011
  • Blooms Taxonomy, Table of specification, Test Construction and Items Analysis
    Graduate School, National University. -2012
  • Cake workshop
    Heny Sison Culinary School- 2008