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For four years now, the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro, The First in Northern Mindanao, has been consistently celebrating its anniversaries through Outreach Programs in different Barangays in Cagayan de Oro.  On its 5th year, this time, CIC shall hold the very first Barangay Culinary Livelihood Program in the city titled Lutong Panginabuhian!  with the theme: “Panginabuhian alang sa Kalamboan, I-alagad sa Katilingban.”

The main purpose of this event is for the school to impart and to share the CIC education to mothers and families in different Barangays focusing on practical livelihood topics, recipes and food sanitation. One of the highlights of the BCLP is the Kagay-an Barangay Cook-Off. Five teams comprising five members each are to compete against each other and the dish that the teams shall cook will only be revealed during the Cook-Off.

Barangay Bulua was the second Barangay that CIC visited for the Barangay Culinary Livelihood Program (BCLP) last March 11, 2015. Chef James I. Damasco, one of the CIC Chef Instructors, showcased a free cooking demonstration on different livelihood recipes and the audience members were given a copy of the recipes. The Cook Off immediately followed together with the announcement on the recipe that the participants will cook. Most of the participants are members of the Barangay Women’s Development Council (BWDC). The program was more enjoyable with a raffle of CIC novelty and intermission numbers from both BWDC members and two representatives from the CIC team.

The following are the names of the Champions for the Cook off:


Group 3:

Alforque, Esmeralda M.
Avanceña, Phoebe Z.
Enerio, Laarni C.
Merlas, Greceilda
Maagad, Ruby P.


Special Awards:

Best in Taste: Group 1
Best in Plating: Group 2
Best in Teamwork: Group 5

The winning groups for the special awards received a Certificate of Recognition for their group whereas the 1st - 4th placer for the ranking received CIC novelty items and certificates. The Champions received a FREE one day Culinary and Baking Workshop at Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro as well as CIC novelty items and certificates.

CIC would like to thank the following key persons for having us and for the support we received for the Barangay Culinary Livelihood Program:


Capt. Al P. Legaspi, Brgy. Captain
Ma. Lina T. Maagad, BWDC President

Congratulations to the winners!
Watch out for CIC’s next Barangay visits!!