About Us Making the World Healthier One Chef at a Time

Certificate in Culinary Arts with Holistic Nutrition is the marriage of cooking with the science of nutrition. Very simply, chefs need to know how to prepare and cook nutritious foods. The curriculum provides students with a broad range of study that enables them to be employed in a large variety of occupations within the food service and hospitality industry. This program is designed for students who seek to apply nutrition principles to their culinary skills.

The program, specifically provides training in sanitation, nutrition, menu planning, cost control, purchasing and inventory control, management and supervision. Students will receive hands-on education in cooking with classes in meat analysis, knife skills, meat and poultry fabrication, international cuisine, baking, pastry and a variety of other areas.

Certificate in Culinary Arts with Holistic Nutrition is a trademark of the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro and is meant to promote changes in menu planning, food purchasing, food preparation and food consumption behaviors with a goal to fostering good health through healthy nutrition.

CIC’s Chefs promote an awareness of the latest trends in foods and nutrition through the demonstration of proficient culinary skills to produce flavorful, health-inspired menus and are determined to teach students that healthy cooking doesn’t mean bland, boring food.

The difference in flavors, the difference in textures, the difference in colors – it’s absolutely amazing what even switching from a red tomato to an orange tomato can do in terms of the color of the dish and the flavors you get in whatever you’re making. This creativity in cooking and food preparation can go a long way in convincing people to try different things when it comes to healthy eating.