Career PathsA Whole World of Opportunities

As the worldwide demand for culinary artists reflects steady growth through the years, the field becomes more competitive, henceforth requires specialized training and advanced education for career advancements and higher paying jobs.

Below is a list of some of the opportunities available to those who pursue the programs to be culinary professionals:

  • Chefs and cooks who work directly with the preparation of food for in various establishments including hotels, full-service restaurants, cruise liners, hospitals, catering facilities, corporate dining, and various other venues.
  • Food and Beverage Managers handle all food and beverage outlets in hotels and other large establishments.
  • Food and Beverage Controllers source, purchase, store and control all ingredients, supplies and stocks in large hotels and establishments.
  • Dining Room Service Professionals ensure the efficiency of service in the dining area with the utmost concern for the clients dining satisfaction.
  • Consultants and Design Specialists closely work with restaurant owners in the development of menus, layout and design of kitchen and dining room areas and protocols.
  • Academe is unquestionably one of the most noble pursuits and emotionally fulfilling jobs available to those who selflessly share their expertise to students in culinary schools.
  • Food Writers and Food Critics establish public awareness of new restaurants and establishments and food trends by writing articles in newspapers, magazines and books.
  • Food Stylists and Photographers capture the unique artistic/aesthetic food preparations and advertisements via websites, magazines, books and catalogs.
  • Entrepreneurship is another promising pursuit for those with inherent business sense to promote and manage their own food business establishments and specialty food manufacturing business.
  • Sales and Marketing introduces chefs and business owners to new kitchen products and equipment available in the market. They may sell any range at products needed in the industry from various food products to equipment.
  • Research and Development is dedicated to the upliftment of food product standards acting as test kitchens for commercial manufacturers and restaurant chains or grocery chains and food packaging sectors.